God’s Unfaithfulness?

Philosophy. What does it mean? From what I have seen, it is a human’s attempt to grasp what humans cannot, and act like he gets it.

Currently, I am in a class in my high school that goes over the various Philosophers, from Plato to Descartes, and Locke to Hume. What have I learned? I have seen how God slowly is avoided as the constant, and people regarding the inconsistencies of life as a natural, mental, element.  By examining various philosophies, I slowly grew closer to God because of how inaccurate human reasoning can be. I understood why progressions away from God happened, but it strikes me hard to imagine how the people followed.

But in all this class has given me thoughts beyond what atheism stands for, but also the thoughts of a sort of god that has an almost impersonal touch. This god frieghtens me, and in truth, for a while, I turned to our God as if He was a robot, and not a loving God. That is a very scary thing when your life is dependent on this idea of faith in God.

I began to think, are we even sure of God’s personal relationship with us? I mean, atheism at this point already seems unnecessary, but the question was brought up in my head, that if we were to be people who sought after God, why does God have to seek after us, as the Bible talks about?

Then a very wild thought approached my mind, about His creation, His being:

What if we weren’t God’s first creation? What if he had created a universe prior to ours which died out right before He started to mold ours. I mean, God was in existence for eternity, how could He go without doing something?

This thought frightened me. Everything in the Bible would fall apart, and Christ’s teaching would be invalid. The Trinity would hold no value, and our lives would just be even more worthless than it already is. It really is scary to think about it.

If this was the case, the idea of the Church being a bride that will come together and sing He’s beautiful, would be a sick image. God would have basically divorced his old bride as the universe died, and sought to make a new one and seek after the new bride. It really is scary.

And what if after our universe goes away, and He decides to make another one? Then how could we trust Him with what we have now? We would just be something else before He creates a new toy that will be even more perfect than the previous. Really is scary.

Then I looked at this. It can be considered as a philosophy, one that denies the Good as valid, and pursues a sense of rebellious nothingness. But the truth came quick as I stepped back:

Just because we think and assume something, doesn’t mean that it is true.

This also really hit me because every philosophy that disregards God is not necessarily true. Like a rumor that speaks badly of someone, many of human’s philosophies are only assumptions, because only God is the constant, the Alpha and Omega. He reigns above us, and only he holds the key to all things.

So the idea of multiple creations in time is really an assumption, and like philosophy, we really don’t know if it is true at all. God is the constant, and He holds all things whether we grasp it or not.

That is Beautiful.


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