From my Honduras Trip (Oct 2010)

i was having an interesting conversation with a friend today, even though it’s only 9:30am. it was about indulging and wastefulness.

i thought about this topic as i was driving to work this morning. what determines how we define “wastefulness”? i have to think of it in terms of Honduras, because there was such a stark difference between our living standards. i would consider myself within the middle-class bracket. and the Hondurans that we came in contact with are also within their own middle class bracket. here are some pictures to compare the two:


where they play…

where they go to school…

where they live…

how they cook and what they eat (during special occasions)…


where we play…

where we go to school…

where we live…

how we cook and what we eat (during special occasions)…

The pictures serve as a contrast. If someone were to argue the fairness of the activities in the pictures, i just wanted to stress that there are so many things to be compared.

so if i were richer, would i be seemingly more profligate? or how about a humble living standard within our group of friends (without seeming “ghetto”) – how would that still be seen by the Hondurans? we certainly all have cars – anything more than the cheapest being wasteful? how about the size of our homes or the amount of appliances we continually have running? how about brushing our teeth while allowing our water to run? buying clothes that we dont need or hardly ever wear? remodeling our homes? buying the latest greatest electronic gadgets? having expensive hobbies?

but this is something that ive even though about before Honduras. there are so many things that we should (and easily can) evaluate for ourselves whether or not the expenses that we drop are worth it. we have resources (money and other things) at our fingertips – are we using them for God’s kingdom? what is the investment that we are making?

i dont believe that it’s wrong to enjoy some pleasures of life – in fact i think it’s healthy to allow blessings to be a part of your life. but if the associated attitude is chasing the very best for yourself or that your priorities are pointed for the most part at yourself, wouldnt it be revolutionary to see how that could change to start loving those around you like God does? this topic started in light of a seemingly extravagant bachelor party i had been thinking of, and though i felt wastefulness was relative, in the end had to evaluate my own in light of what i’ve seen in the past week. i’m glad i get these regular stark life contrasts to set my mind straight in the grand scheme of things. i want to be a good steward, increasingly aware and responsible of my eternal accountability of what i’ve received.

in this world, people can get an A+ in financial planning, retirement, investment, and wise savings but receive an F in God’s eyes in stewardship.


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