We’re back!

We will be relaunching TemporaryVisitors on Christmas day.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Consistency in posting: four of us have committed to weekly updates on this site. during months that have 5 weeks we will be featuring a guest post from a friend of ours.
  2. Gospel-centered writing: the contributors to this blog include an undergraduate college student, two full-time seminary students, and a full-time employee at a biotech company. Colossians 1:6 says that the gospel is, “constantly bearing fruit and increasing” in us since the day we heard and understood the grace of God in truth. Regardless of our social context, we seek to understand and share how the gospel shapes every aspect of our lives.
  3. Access to all of the posts from the past: nothing has been lost. In fact we encourage to browse the archives. You can find these categorized as “The Early Years“. Thanks to everyone who contributed between 2009-2011.  I know that I was encouraged through your writings and I’m sure many others were as well.

Come back on Christmas day and join us as we kick off a new chapter. Between now and then, we’re sure that you are still working through your Christmas shopping list. As has been the tradition in years past, we encourage you to freely give as we have received this Christmas season and to consider organizations like WorldVision in your Christmas giving.

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About bryanyee

Born and raised in Goleta (not Santa Barbara), he attended Cal Poly SLO, studying Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems. He currently works at Amgen and is serving at the Chinese Christian Church in Thousand Oaks (CCCTO).

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