We All Love Excuses…

I’ve felt convicted lately of all the excuses that come to mind when I struggle in my relationship with God. Whether it’s finding time to spend with Him, or reflecting on whether He is truly the one that I find worthy above anything else two excuses come to mind:

“But it’s hard…”

So are those tests we prepare for, or that project at work. But we still try really hard. We stretch our bodies and minds over them. Maybe it’s because we believe that there is some value/worth in the end waiting for us.

“It’ll never happen to me…”

How many people ignore the seatbelt instructions that are read by the flight attendant on a plane? Maybe it’s because we don’t believe in the possibility of what might happen. But I’m pretty sure if something did happen, we would wish that we had paid more attention. Luckily the chances of that happening is not so great.

But there’s one thing for sure. Jesus is coming back. Let’s not put Him off any longer. He is the greatest good. Through Christ, God has enabled us to make much of Him forever. We can be freed from a life enslaved to sin so that we may have an intimate relationship with the greatest good there is, so that we can find our worth in Him.

It would suck to find yourself wishing you’d paid more attention earlier on when the one thing that is certain comes to pass. It sucks even more to rob yourself of a relationship here and now with Him.